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Monday Health Minute

Monday Health Minute

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A dog that detects symptoms of diabetes

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 07:10 PM EDT

A dog may not only be a man’s best friend but also a service dog that helps Kathy Lincoln in a big way.

“What Duncan’s trained to do is she detects both high and low blood sugar,” said Duncan’s owner Don Lincoln. “It’s all based on smell.”

Duncan is a yellow lab who is trained as a diabetes dog.

Several years ago Kathy had tumors that developed on her pancreas.

“They had to go in and remove three quarters of my pancreas so at that point I became type one diabetic,” said Kathy.

Since then shehas had big swings in blood sugars she didn’t feel until they hit dangerous low levels.

Now, when she’s at a high point, she’ll put a paw right on her knee or where she can reach to and if she’s low shell touch her with her nose.

The meter which Duncan is trained to go and get tells her how high or low but the dog can actually pick it up about twenty minutes or so before the meter tells you where you are at.

Even if Kathy is working or sleeping, Duncan does not miss much.

“She will paw me, she will paw me harder, she will jump on me, she will bark,” said Kathy.

Duncan is a puppy in training but soon he will get some high tech help, hell get a special phone that will help him alert other paramnedics if there is an emergency.

There will be a recording on there that will say the dog is dialing the number and there is a diabetic emergency at this residence.

“The one thing I am really really looking forward to is she can alert me when I am driving, right now I don’t feel comfortable, but eventually she can alert me. I can pull over, take care of things and get back on the road, im safe and everyone around me is safe.

A dog that detects symptoms of diabetes

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