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Bedford County

Bedford County

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121 Bedford Co. homes without clean water

Updated: Friday, March 7 2014, 10:50 AM EST

Water company says repairs could take weeks

By: Jackalyn Kovac

COALDALE, Pa. -- About 300 people in Bedford County continue to boil water three weeks after they were ordered to conserve water after heavy snow collapsed the Six Mile Run Water Company's facility roof.

The water company serves Six Mile Run and Coaldale neighborhoods.

Since the Feb. 13 collapse, the company continues to work toward resolving the issue, something many people living in the area recognize.

"I think the water company is doing a good job at trying to make a bad situation better for us," said Six Mile Run Fire Chief Tim Hinish.

Eighty-nine trucks have delivered water in the last several weeks the most recent a water buffalo from Agape, Pa.

According to the water company, work to repair the plant could take several weeks, because the building needs to be rebuilt. Officials say the water filter and tanks have to be cleaned. The big issue is the possibility of frozen pipes.

Those living in Coaldale say they'll continue to do what they have to, but they aren't completely happy with the situation.

"If it takes another month it will have to be that way, we're at the mercy of nature," said Hinish. "It's an inconvenience in some ways. You have to realize what happened and have to be able to work around it."

Company officials have been working hard the last several weeks to inform residents of the issues and to obtain the proper permits.

121 Bedford Co. homes without clean water

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