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Several drugs reported missing from Bedford Co. ambulance company

Updated: Wednesday, March 19 2014, 06:49 PM EDT

By: Jackalyn Kovac

BEDFORD, Pa. -- Bedford Borough Police are working to learn who took drugs from Bedford Ambulance sometime in early January.

"A medic who came in and checked the narcotics saw that they were missing and we went back through the records and the medics before that didn't check it," said Medical Manager Sheldon Benton.

Police said Bedford Ambulance reported missing drugs from one of its trucks earlier this year, something ambulance officals said was noticed a little too late.

"That's one of the faults of all EMS services throughout the nation -- they don't check their narcotics enough and that caused us to not know what day we were missing them," said Benton.

According to Drug Enforcement Administration protocol, the drugs are supposed to be inspected daily.

The cost to replace the missing drugs is less than $20.

Officials wouldn't name the drugs because they don't want it to affect their investigation, but they aren't ruling out the possibility that they are being resold on the streets.

"People are dying from the misuse of drugs. One of the drugs that went missing has killed a lot of people in Johnstown and Altoona and we don't need anymore people dying. We're here to help people, not for people to die," said Benton.

Since the discovery, Bedford Ambulance has taken steps to ensure more accountability.

"We started putting number seals on all the narcotic boxes in addition to the lock that's on it," said Benton. "We have a little ways to go. We are trying to get narcotic lock boxes that takes a number and fingerprint to open it."

If the person or persons responsible are caught they could face felony theft charges.

Bedford Borough Police are asking that anyone who may have been through Bedford Ambulance since January to contact them 814-623-1105.

Several drugs reported missing from Bedford Co. ambulance company

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