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Police release video of armed robber in CVS store

Updated: Wednesday, May 21 2014, 08:07 PM EDT

By: Maria Miller

ALTOONA, Pa. -- Cameras were rolling during an armed robbery in Blair County Wednesday when a man flashed a gun in a local CVS store, police said.
It happened just after noon at the store along Plank Road in Altoona

Several police cars, marked and unmarked, filled the store's parking lot shortly after. The front doors of the store were locked as employees let investigators inside.

Outside, several customers seemed to disregard the police cars, news vans and cameras in the parking lot, even ignoring 6 News crews telling them the store was closed as they still walked to the locked front doors and tried to get inside.

Altoona police released video on their Facebook page a few hours later that showed how it all went down. In the video, a man can be seen approaching what appears to be the pharmacy counter and hands the pharmacist some sort of note and a bag. She walks out of view, and that's when the man pulls out a gun from beneath his sweatshirt. He only flashes it for a few seconds before putting it away. Then another pharmacist appears to come to the counter. The gun comes out again, but it doesn't appear that the pharmacist complies with his demands because the man puts his gun away, and it appears he walks out of the frame without any cash or prescription drugs.

Witnesses told police that after the incident, he ran into the Garden Heights neighborhood.

Police said the man is about 5 feet 11 inches tall with a black beard and was wearing a black hat, gray shorts, a white Penn State hoodie and black shoes. Anyone who thinks he or she knows who he is should call Altoona police.

Police also ask that no one try to apprehend him themselves.

Police release video of armed robber in CVS store

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