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Ridgway pool to reopen in time for holiday weekend

Updated: Thursday, July 3 2014, 10:06 AM EDT

By: WJAC Web Staff

RIDGWAY, Pa. -- The Ridgway Community Pool is set to reopen on Friday, after it was flooded out during heavy rains in May.

Following the extensive flooding from heavy rains in the Ridgway area, there were concerns the pool liner may have been damaged.

Pool officials said following several tests, the pool liner is intact and has not problems.

Pool manager Samantha Kovalyak said the flooding caused nearly a month delay in opening, but residents are excited the have their swimming spot back open.

"We were supposed to open June 7, but then the flood happened, so then we were told in the beginning that we weren't going to open at all this summer," Kovalyak said. "We had to call all the lifeguards and tell them to find different jobs and everything like that."

Lifeguards will be on the job as the pool reopens with their shortened season, as crews continue to test the water.

"I was really upset because this is my job and I really didn't have anywhere else to work at the time," lifeguard Kathryn Polaski said.

The pool will open Friday. Admission is $3 for children and $5 for adults.

Ridgway pool to reopen in time for holiday weekend

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