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Huntingdon Co. students speak out about sexting citations

Updated: Tuesday, March 25 2014, 04:24 PM EDT

By: Lauren Hensley

CROMWELL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Eight teens in Huntingdon County are being charged with sending nude pictures to girls at school. State police at Huntington said the incident involved eight boys and eight girls, all ranging from ages 13 to 15, who attend Southern Huntingdon County High School.

The boys allegedly sent explicit photographs using cellphones and other electronic devices to the girls, police said. The boys were hoping by sending the girls pictures of themselves, the girls respond back with nude photos.

For several student peers this just crosses the line saying this gives a bad rep to their entire school.

"It is just very, very embarrassing and it is not something to be proud of. I really wish it wouldn't have happened because of the bad image it is going the rest of us," junior, Tom Jones said.

According to police, many of the pictures were sent using the social media app Snapchat. The images shared through the app are erased from a phone just a few seconds after they're viewed. But many students are skeptical that these photos truly vanish.

"They think it is gone forever but it's not just because the picture disappears and you can't view it on your phone other people can bring it up especially the authorities," senior, Trent Collin said.

Summary citations were issued to the boys for transmission of explicit image by a minor.

Police are urging parents to talk to their kids about this kind of behaviors and warning them of the consequences and many peers believe the school administration along with parents should address this issue.

"I would take away their phone I would take away everything and to pay the fine I would sell their stuff," senior, Johnathan Miller said.

Huntingdon Co. students speak out about sexting citations

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