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Better Business Bureau warns of 'One Ring' Scam

Updated: Friday, January 31 2014, 09:43 AM EST

By: Jackalyn Kovac

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- Just weeks after several major companies revealed they were affected by a massive data breach, the Better Business Bureau wants consumers to be on the look out for more potential attempts at someone getting their money.

The 'One Ring' Scam is hard to trace, but scammers use computers to send thousands of calls to random numbers, most times ringing only once from areas in the Caribbean Islands.

If answered or called back a fee of $19.95 for an internatal call, then an addition $9, is added on for every minute.

Since the calls originate overseas, it is difficult for investigators to trace.

Calls reported to the BBB have area codes from the Caribbean Islands, including Grenada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands and Antigua.

"It's hard with the Internet, they can change where they're at, but they can't change their IP address," said Ron Esposito. "People need to be vigilant, elderly people especially need to be vigilant."

Esposito deals with calls all the time. He says he gets calls from several different numbers in a single day. He doesn't fall for them, he reports them.

"If you get a call that's unwanted, hit star 57 after the phone call and they red flag it on you account. When the police come with a supeana to get the phone records, then they go straight to the account and print off everything that was red flagged," said Esposito.

Esposito suggests getting caller ID for land lines to screen the numbers.

The BBB suggests if someone believes they may have been a victim of this scam, they should immediately alert their cellphone carrier and monitor wireless bills for any unauthorized charges.

Better Business Bureau warns of 'One Ring' Scam

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