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Mother’s Day 5K helps to raise money for homeless mothers


By: Lauren Hensley

BOALSBURG, Pa.-- While some mothers are celebrating Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed, other mothers in Centre County are lacing up to help mothers in need.

With every step, dozens of mothers running in the Bridge of Hope 5K run are helping to raise money for homeless mothers throughout Centre County.

“They are the women who are sleeping in their cars, they are on a friend's couch, and they may be coming out of the Women's Resource Center with nowhere to go.  These are the invisible homeless in our area, you don't see them sleeping in the streets but there is definitely a problem,” Kelly Swisher, communications and development chair said.

It is a problem Bridge of Hope is working to solve.  Events like its annual 5K run are helping to raise money that will fund housing assistance to many mothers in our area.

“We had I believe 13 applications our last go around and we are currently serving three mothers but we really have the need to serve a lot more,” Swisher said.

The event is held on Mother’s Day and it is bringing families together.

“You figure it is nice to give up a little bit of your own time to come out and help moms' that aren't quite as fortunate,” Nicole Carnicella, a runner said.   Carnicella is not running alone.  She is joined by her mother and her two daughters.

“Raising money for homeless mothers is an amazing, amazing opportunity and I am glad to be a part of it every year,” runner Jen Riley, who is also joined by her daughter.

For more information about Bridge of Hope click here.

Mother’s Day 5K helps to raise money for homeless mothers

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