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State College Borough considers using crowdfunding


By: Lauren Hensley

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.-- It's not a new concept; it's a tool that has been used by entrepreneurs who might not have the cash to back up their big idea. Crowdfunding is a method of collecting money by donors who feel passionate about a cause or idea.  Now the State College Borough is thinking about using this method.

"We want to get an idea of what types of projects residents might be interested in donating into if we were to use crowdfunding as a source" borough planner Melissa Tuttle said.

Tuttle said most municipalities have a hard enough time paying for routine maintenance and services let alone funding a major project. She said with crowdfunding, no tax dollars are used and there is no obligation to give.

"There are several crowdfunding platforms that have popped up recently that allow municipalities to reach out to residents and even visitors of their community to say this is a project I care about in the community and I am willing to donate to support," Tuttle said.

So the borough is asking, what do you support? Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to log onto the borough's website to rank which of the projects they would donate to.  A bike State College mobile app, neighborhood park improvements, public art installation in downtown or a simple I'm just not interested.

"At this time, the neighborhood improvement projects and the bike State College app are neck and neck. They both have a pretty high percent of votes. We've had about 70 people rank their preferences, which is great but we are hoping to get a lot more input," Tuttle said.

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State College Borough considers using crowdfunding

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