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State looking for owners of unclaimed property


By: Lauren Hensley

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- In the state of Pennsylvania, $2.2 billion dollars in unclaimed property is just sitting behind closed doors, said state treasury officials.

In the 10 counties of the 6 News coverage area, it is estimated that $35 million is unclaimed.

Diamonds, gold, rings, even an authentic photo album from the 1936 Berlin Olympics featuring medalist Jesse Owens are all being kept inside a 400-ton stainless steel vault in Harrisburg, waiting for its rightful owners come forward to claim it.

“Most people say, ‘well, it's not going to be me’ and what they have to realize, is that one in ten people will have unclaimed property,” said Stanley Greene, director of unclaimed property.

Greene said it is a simple process.  People should go to this website and put in a first and last name in the box, or the name of an entity or a nonprofit.  

He said in many cases a name will pop up and it will have the name of the town and the type of unclaimed property.  It could have been a refund of some type that wasn’t collected.

“One in ten of the citizens throughout the commonwealth will have unclaimed property.  And if they don't have unclaimed property, (they) need to check the names of parents, other family members, friends, neighbors and even organizations that they may have been affiliated with,” Greene said.

It's not just money, he said.  There are things like Purple Hearts and wedding rings that have gotten lost in the shuffle.

State laws mandates that after five years things like an inactive bank account or unclaimed insurance policy go into the custody of the treasury.

State looking for owners of unclaimed property

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