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Boalsburg fire company asking community to adopt hydrants

Updated: Friday, March 21 2014, 04:04 PM EDT

By: Lauren Hensley

BOALSBURG, Pa. -- Firefighters with the Boalsburg Fire Company in Centre County are working to make sure fire hydrants in the region are clear of snow, but in some areas the snow was piled so high, finding them was a challenge.

"We have to rely on a computer system mapping that shows us were hydrants should be located so at least it gives us an idea of where to start looking," Greg Alters, captain with the Boalsburg Fire Company, said.

In an emergency seconds are precious and digging out a hydrant could mean the difference between life and death.

"It is very important that they are clear if we are coming onto a scene and we can't find it, that is time wasted and that is property or possible even a life in danger that we can't get to because or not being able to find an adequate," Alters said.

Firefighters cleared nearly 60 hydrants recently but they still need your help. The Boalsburg Fire Company is asking hydrant heroes to come forward.

They are seeking people to adopt a hydrant. Most hydrants have a reflector attached so you can see it. Volunteers are asked to clear a 3-foot path around the hydrant and clear a path from the street up to the fire hydrant.

For more information, visit the station's website.

Boalsburg fire company asking community to adopt hydrants

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