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Penn State student deemed squirrel whisperer

Updated: Tuesday, September 2 2014, 01:23 PM EDT

By: Lauren Hensley

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.-- Happy Valley is home to thousands of students and it's also home to thousands of bushy-tailed squirrels. No one seems to know them better than Penn State junior Mary Krupa.

"My parents were worried you might bullied for making friends with the squirrels. That isn't something a normal person does but people seem to really love originality and creativity," Krupa said.

Krupa has earned the nickname the "squirrel whisperer" and it's more than just a campus title. Krupa and a female squirrel named Sneezy have become an Internet sensation.  Sneezy's Facebook page even has earned more "likes" than Penn State's mascot the Nittany Lion. One German magazine even wrote that Sneezy was the Penn State mascot.

"They got a little confused. They think Sneezy is the school's mascot," Krupa said.

What makes Sneezy so special is that she allows Krupa to dress her up. Photos can be seen on Facebook of teeny-tiny hats made out of paper resting on Sneezy's heard.  Or shades made from cardboard while Sneezy's bitty paws grip onto doll-sized props.  So what's Krupa's photo session secret?

"As long as she has food she is completely relaxed and really comfortable with people.  She is just the sweetest, laid back squirrel ever," Krupa said.

Krupa reminds people, Sneezy is still a wild animal.  When Sneezy's done playing dress-up, the animal has a mind of its own and scampers off around Penn State's campus. 

To learn more about Sneezy click here.

Penn State student deemed squirrel whisperer

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