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Berlin athlete overcomes challenges in memorable game

Updated: Friday, September 20 2013, 07:06 PM EDT

BERLIN, Pa. --

Berlin's shutout against Ferndale was not only a huge win for the Mountaineers, but there's one sophomore on the roster that made that victory a little bit more memorable.
He sports number 80 and plays in the backfield.

"They wanted me to be in the field with them,” Alex Charlton said.

Alex is a sophomore for Berlin, and has Down Syndrome, but out on the field and to his teammates, he’s just another Mountaineer.

"He's just another one of us. We see him as an equal person. We just wanted him to get the opportunity to score,” running back Tyler DeArmitt said.

On Saturday's game against Ferndale, Alex made the most memorable play of the game.
"Going into halftime we were all thinking, we want to get this kid in the end zone,” DeArmitt explained.
"A couple of the players came up and said, ‘Hey, let’s try to get Alex a touchdown,’” Berlin Head Coach Doug Paul said.

DeArmitt was able to put the ball within one yard of the goal line to stop the clock.
"Two things were going to have to happen, and I said number one, we have to get close to the end zone... And I said number two, we don't want him getting hit,” Paul said.

And with a snap, Alex crossed the end zone.

"I'm really doing it for all my friends and family,” Charlton said.
"His dream was to score a touchdown for Berlin, and that was his dream, so it happened,” Paul said.
"I feel so happy,” Charlton said.
"They're becoming men and that's something they're going to be for the rest of their lives. So, that's a much bigger accomplishment than we do on the football field,” Paul said.

Berlin athlete overcomes challenges in memorable game

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