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Family fed up with turnpike motorists using backyard as bathroom

By: Maria Miller

STAHLSTOWN, Pa. -- A local mom is fed up. She said people are pulling over on the turnpike right near her yard and using the grass as a bathroom.

She said it's happening in plain view of not only her kids but everyone else.

"I just want it to my kids being outside their yard and not seeing stuff like that," she said.

The woman said she's caught many people in the act, even taking pictures of them to send to police. But they said there's not much they can do about it.

6 News reached out to the turnpike commission Thursday and never heard back. But according to a letter the commission sent the family, there's not much that's going to happen. It said the section of roadway behind the family's Stahlstown house was a pull-off that's already been removed, and it's up to police to enforce.

A wire fence is the only thing standing between the family with four young kids and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Every day they deal with loud trucks, garbage in their yard and people relieving themselves.

"They don't care. They don't even try to hide it," said Crystal King.

King said she and her fiance have let the weeds grow as high as they can but told 6 News that nothing stops the view. And she had pictures to prove to it.

"I've got a picture of a lady with her butt hanging out and she looked at me, smiled, and waved when I took her picture," King said.

Kind said she has been dealing with the problem for the past three years, but her father-in-law, who owns the property, said it's been a problem since he moved in nearly 50 years ago.

"We could tell you a bookfull," said Charles Roadman.

Roadman said the section of turnpike behind their homes was at one time a pull-off that was removed by the turnpike commission a few years ago because of their complaints. But it didn't solve the problem. In fact, he said it has gotten worse.

"They know where we're at. 94.7 mile marker. and they know exactly where we're out," Roadman said.

When asked if he thinks motorists are singling them out he said, "Oh yeah, oh yeah. You take a pull-off away from them and ... They need it, I'd say."

The family told 6 News they some people have already attacked them for their complaints, others for their lifestyle, but they said they're just looking out for their kids.

"People were talking about how we live in a trailer, and asking why we can't just move. We could just move, but we don't have the money to do that," King said.

"It's our home. It's all we got," Roadman said. "It ain't much but it's ours, you know.?"

State police from the turnpike barracks in Somerset told 6 News it is aware of the issue but said it's not the only area incidents like this are happening. Troopers said they actively patrol hundreds of miles of Turnpiketurnpike and all rest stops, citing anyone they catch in the act.

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