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Severe Weather Team 6 Stories

Severe Weather Team 6 Stories

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Severe Weather Team 6 Coverage: Winter Weather Tips

Updated: Sunday, January 5 2014, 06:53 PM EST

Many residents take advantage of weather ahead of bitter cold temperatures

By: Jackalyn Kovac

Sunday afternoon Johnstown residents took advantage of the winter sun; whether it was washing the car or riding sleds, many people enjoyed themselves.

"Well I just try to keep up with all the salt and grime, and get off as much as possible," said Todd Esposita, as he washed his car.

Doctors say hypothermia can easily happen, especially in young children and the elderly, if simple steps aren't taken.

"With hypothermia you will start to shiver ... Shivering will continue to the point where they will begin to act a little goofy," said Dr. Neil Yoder. "They may become unsteady on their feet and sometimes not think clearly. The shivering can actually discontinue and at that point we know we're in trouble."

Protect yourself with extra layers, whether it's with more clothing or blankets. Always try to keep any exposed skin to the bare minimum.

Add some home improvements to your list; many can be done with just a few dollars.

"Most of this stuff is fairly inexpensive," said Home Depot worker Adam Marks. "Pipe insulation starts around $2. You can do a lot for under $50."

If you have any elderly neighbors or family make sure to check up on them to make sure they have everything they need to stay warm.

Severe Weather Team 6 Coverage: Winter Weather Tips

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